You’ve arrived! This is good! Amazing meet you, I’m Alyssa. And I’m totally weird and just doing the great adventure of life.



I’ve genuinely been waiting for this. You belong here. And for the record, this is not my place. Rather, this is our place. A humble but power-packed little corner in cyberspace where our journeys merge in doing this awesome adventure called life.

My message is this:

We all dream because we were born that way. We each have embedded and coded in us a unique life we were meant to live.

As we grow and listen to the voice whispering inside we stay true to the course we are meant to follow. Our dreams fuel us on. We are, of  course, supposed to continue on dreaming…and listening… and growing.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where so much is demanded of us to perform. There is a plan that is handed to us to help us understand what the acceptable path to take. Expectations from our families, friends, work, and culture all end up assigning us false identities that we never agreed to.

These influences are not evil villains (for the most part) and they don’t want to cheat us of true joy and fulfillment. On the contrary, they want us to succeed, at least by the definition they understand to be true. The don’t, however, realize what is at stake.

That being the most important treasure we can give this world: our true selves. Nevertheless, we are thus influenced. Soon we find ourselves asking the question how in the world we ever got we got into this mess.

We feel unsettled. Like we’re living someone else’s life.

Good news is it’s never too late to correct the path.

I wanted to create a place where we can plant our feet firmly on the right path, and remain there despite the struggles and distractions of our world.

There are signposts along the way and it is our job to follow them.

Essentially what we are doing is tuning into who we are at our core and listening in a way that influences even the small details in our life.

We all have dreams and passions and special gifts, but we can not uncover them up unless we are paying attention.

Then, we must stay the course.

When we know what we were born to do, (and I’m not talking just career choices here) it will be almost impossible not to choose your unique way to do life and grow in it.

Dreams, passions, and a well-crafted life is seeded deep within you. Please don’t rob yourself and the world the greatest gift you have to offer, yourself.

Here we can share this journey. We all need a little inspiration or a gentle kick in the butt to get motivated. Better yet, some cool friends to do passionate living with. We are fellow trekkers.

My promise to you is to do everything I can  in order to make this site a resource for you to make the most of your story.

My dream for you is that you live your life driven by your unique passions, hungry and alive, and unafraid to be yourself.

Again, it’s amazing to meet you. (silly grin) Welcome to the trek.

Welcome to the trek.