My 100: Week 2

Week 2 recap.

All this is banished forever:

1. an old calendar I was hanging on to for it’s photos
2. A glass jar
3. A mostly used candle
4. A toe separator for nail polish
5. A travel curling iron
6. A misshapen bra
7. Some scratched cd’s

This week I found a lot of items that were somewhat functional and somewhat broken. Considering that I barely used any of them, I found that it’s pointless to keep things for the sudden chance I may use them. Also for the record, I have never separated my toes when painting my toe nails. I wonder if anyone actually ever gets real benefit from  physically forcing your toes apart.

I hardly ever curl my hair period. Did I really think I would put forth the extra effort while out of town?? I do believe I am beginning to know myself within the context of how I actually live my live and not how I envision living it.