My 100: Week 1

Things are going pretty well for my 100 challenge. (I started April 14) I’ve managed to start by purely selecting things that I can toss out. I am sure I have plenty to choose from the trash pile before I need to get creative and give, recycle, or re-purpose anything else.

My first week’s lucky winners were a sum of the following:

Day 1: 3 bags of nice clothes to my gal pal
Day 2: an old food processor I never use
Day 3: a weird soap bag supposedly purposed to make your bar last longer, aka, stupid gimmick
Day 4: extra makeup I haven’t touched in months, nor will ever again!
Day 5: a pointless kitchen tray that collected junk and dust
Day 6: Easter candy I’ve been hanging on to and know I don’t even want (yes, I actually went back and forth for a while if I should keep it or not)
Day 7: an old Bears mug that had a crack and could not hold liquid, but only pens, and I have too many pen jars

Phew! Moving right along…

I can honestly say that getting in the routine of “Something’s gotta go today”, has begun to make letting go easier. I wouldn’t consider myself the hoarding type, but as I take a closer look to what is actually fits inside little home (a single wide trailer), I realize there is so much that takes up space but holds no meaning. I find that kind of sad.

I am starting to realize that I can easily justify away at about anything I own. It all seems so rational, so reasonable, to keep that adorable thing. In fact, I’ll probably never find another one like it, and oh! at what a great bargain! But I know the value does not lie within that description. Much of what I own adds no lick of value to my life or happiness.

I already like where this challenge is heading. I should remind myself though, that a big part of staying true to the purpose here is not gathering and collecting more of the same kind of things as I purge. What good will it do me if I get rid of 100 non essentials in my life and accumulate 50 more? I really want to train myself to think before I consume. Becoming truly aware about what I allow to come into my life and why, therein lies the intention. I’m excited to see what goes out with the trash next garbage Tuesday.