Mornings Are Good For…

Solitude. And coffee side wondering at what today might actually be.

I’ve become somewhat ritualistic these last couple months. Getting up an hour or two before my four year old son comes trampling down the hallway like a hoard of elephants has become my special time. It pretty much goes:


Still goin’ strong with my Christmas mug.

Stumble over to my coffee maker and get a cup brewin’. Grab my phone to get my morning scripture. Pull out my journal to write for at least thirty minutes. Get totally lost in my writing and realize an hour and a half got brutally cut off by the storming elephant that is my son.

My day just had the best start. I feel gratitude. I feel alive. I have my eyes and ears open to the world in a way I would not have been capable of if I’d gone straight from stumbling out of bed to making breakfast. And for that, I feel even more grateful.

It amazes me how such a simple routine has added so much richness and value to my days. I’ve always struggled being an early riser, but for some reason I don’t know, I was ready for the change and have kept my mornings going for over two months solid.

I’ve learned the importance to listening carefully to your inner whispers and being ready to adapt and change at moment’s time. I imagine there are certain ways you’ve tweaked your life to get more out of your day or a certain season of life. How have you most grown from simple changes? Routines or rituals? I’d love to hear what you have going on.

  • Amor

    For me it’s impossible to write in the mornings. I tend to do it before going to bed. However, writing a journal and particularly a blog has brought some excitement into my life, a space for creativity, to get my ideas out of my head. It makes me feel more alive and that I’m doing something in the right direction. I also question the effort sometimes: what’s the point if nobody is reading it?

    • I can appreciate that having a ritual that works for you is just that, it has to work for you! I am really glad that writing has been such a great outlet for you to process thoughts and have a real connection. I do most of my writing in private and I have really come to understand and embrace that when I write, I mainly do it because whether or not someone reads, I MUST write. I do it for me. But sharing that journey with other amazing people make it a million times more fun! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I hope you keep walking more in the direction of your true and passionate life. 🙂