My 100: Week 1

Things are going pretty well for my 100 challenge. (I started April 14) I’ve managed to start by purely selecting things that I can toss out. I am sure I have plenty to choose from the trash pile before I need to get creative and give, recycle, or re-purpose anything else.

My first week’s lucky winners were a sum of the following:

Day 1: 3 bags of nice clothes to my gal pal
Day 2: an old food processor I never use
Day 3: a weird soap bag supposedly purposed to make your bar last longer, aka, stupid gimmick
Day 4: extra makeup I haven’t touched in months, nor will ever again!
Day 5: a pointless kitchen tray that collected junk and dust
Day 6: Easter candy I’ve been hanging on to and know I don’t even want (yes, I actually went back and forth for a while if I should keep it or not)
Day 7: an old Bears mug that had a crack and could not hold liquid, but only pens, and I have too many pen jars

Phew! Moving right along…

I can honestly say that getting in the routine of “Something’s gotta go today”, has begun to make letting go easier. I wouldn’t consider myself the hoarding type, but as I take a closer look to what is actually fits inside little home (a single wide trailer), I realize there is so much that takes up space but holds no meaning. I find that kind of sad.

I am starting to realize that I can easily justify away at about anything I own. It all seems so rational, so reasonable, to keep that adorable thing. In fact, I’ll probably never find another one like it, and oh! at what a great bargain! But I know the value does not lie within that description. Much of what I own adds no lick of value to my life or happiness.

I already like where this challenge is heading. I should remind myself though, that a big part of staying true to the purpose here is not gathering and collecting more of the same kind of things as I purge. What good will it do me if I get rid of 100 non essentials in my life and accumulate 50 more? I really want to train myself to think before I consume. Becoming truly aware about what I allow to come into my life and why, therein lies the intention. I’m excited to see what goes out with the trash next garbage Tuesday.

My 100

Living a life closer to what is truly me is causing myself to reevaluate just about every aspect of my life. It’s kind of wonderful. I am beginning to weed out all the noise and mess cluttering my life, in hopes the true me is able to surface a little louder.

This matter of excess, that really has nothing to do with living a happier and freer life, is something that has been bothering me for a while now. I’d say for about a year now, I have noticed an internal ache to purge all my “stuff”, that in reality we can all agree amounts to total nonsense. I have ignored this nag for long. Until recently.

I am now literally trying to purge as many things as I can by adhering to a structured plan. After brainstorming a bit and not coming up with anything past: Throw stuff away! I decided to see what my future fellow online minimalists were up to and I found no end to the variations of challenges and goals to work with.

There is a challenge called, “The 100 thing challenge” by David Michael Bruno, where he was able to get all his possessions down to 100 items. (Whoa!) While I admire a lifestyle this streamlined, I know that I am honestly no where near ready to go that extreme. In fact, I have so much stuff, I decided a good place to start would be to simply get rid of 100 things I own. And I’d do it in 100 days.


I am sure that sooner than I think, this will get pretty tough, but I’m absolutely convinced this effort will only improve my life.  I KNOW I have far more than 100 items in my home that are collecting dust or haven’t been used in over a year, so here I go.

Today was my official first day of My 100, and to prove I’m serious, this morning I tossed into my trunk 3 bags of really nice clothes were worthy giving to a good friend of mine. (I know, these bags actually consist of many items, but there were probably close to 50 pieces in there, so that would have been half my challenge done in one day.)

Now, there is a huge, gaping space in my closet that I do not plan on filling up again. Ah, it feels great.

I’m hoping that as much as I look forward to ditching my excess, I am also able to put in some deep thought into how possessions contribute to purpose and joy in life. Maybe I can find smarter ways to put to use what I choose to keep and be able to give a well thought out answer for why I have it.

I’m going to try to keep a weekly recap on what’s made my list and how that affects my overall view of my possessions. Do they add to the quality of my life, or compete for my happiness?

Have any of you found that simplifying what you own has really helped you in any specific ways? Do share! I need all the inspiration I can get. 😉