A New Start And Life Book 2016

I have put plenty of thought into how I can possibly move toward becoming great at something that I love. Unfortunately for me, this has meant starting from the place that I don’t know the first thing I would be good at. I have journaled, prayed, obsessed, dreamed, explored going back to school, and I still found myself uncertain. I think the reason why finally became clear to me. The single thing nagging at my soul is to create art. To draw. And even more terrifying, to play with color. So for Christmas this past year I decided to be brave and commit. I asked my awesome husband to gift me a year long subscription to an art class taught by¬† an amazing inspiration to me, Tamara Laporte. Throughout this class I will be thrown into the magic of working with endless mixed media and painting. Things of which I know nothing about.


I have already received the first couple lessons (they are released once a week) and have found it to be a frustrating challenge from the get go. This doesn’t at all surprise me, but I just have to do this. I have to practice at sucking for as long as it takes to get good. Then I have to become excellent. I just have to. It is my must.

I have already discovered the lack of tools I have to do much of the work, but the limitations force me to stretch my creativity to uncomfortable levels. Which, obviously is what I need most. I have also recognized a deep need to practice figure drawing, and get those proportions down pat. Needless to say, I have a loooooong way to go. And that’s OK.

A first attempt to create again…